Artist Statements

The Gynys and Nu/Urban/narratives series is an artistic inquiry that explores the visceral and analytical impact of narrative and aesthetic forms.These images are provoked by identity, ancient writings and colloquial expressions. The aesthetic concepts are rendered through a lineal, kinetic and idiosyncratic mark making that symbolizes and expresses spiritual/emotive memory and retentive/respondent discovery. I am interested in permanence and impermanence while creating a surface that is viewed as monument and edifice, as through the edificial, incisive line of endurance, and impermanence, with reference to the transient, evanescent perception of time. My inquiry also explores the creation of a pluralistic aesthetic metaphor that is constructed by multifaceted layers of meaning, line and text within an encrypted visual vortex.

The Transparent Self series becomes the vehicle that I use to create a personal mythology of my work and the experiences that influence it. I adopt the emotional notion of myth in order to reenact certain emotive and psychological roles and impulses based on a given theme: Disclosure/Concealment, cupidspsyche, dntbafrd.. all become personifications of a mythology that is rendered through a series of staged self-portraits and rendered interpretations. With these artworks my intent is to recreate a pseudo erotic fantasy in which I place myself as both the subject and observer. I look to popular culture and some of its iconographic images, namely, the american pin-up, film noir and celebrity worship as my models. I identify and mimic society’s iconic fixation of the ‘goddess’, as I see it appropriated through glamour, drama and pathos. I attempt to merge a traditionalist aesthetic along with a primal and simplistic approach to the figure. In this Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Kara Walker and William H. Johnson, bell hooks  and Joseph Campbell inform some of the visual and conceptual aspects of my workType your paragraph here.